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About Us

We believe that “roads not traveled are avenues not explored.” And taking you for a pleasant journey through INCREDIBLE India is what we do. We strive to give you an experience that helps you understand the history of the sub-continent with all its riches on offer.

We, at Compass, specialize in bespoke and customized luxurious tours, crafted and designed to give you an unforgettable experience of the Indian Subcontinent. To deal with such a wide array of extravagance and varied range of encounters, our passionate travel specialists with their expertise and unrivalled knowledge help us create and design personalized itineraries, tailored to fit your interests, inclinations, and desires. Our tours are a perfect blend of independence, security, comfort and luxury is also very evident for first time India travelers.

With a team of experienced, passionate travellers, we plan, execute and implement your trip like we'd plan one for ourselves. So leave the stress of planning your holiday with us. We believe that the planning of a trip should be as relaxing as the travelling itself. Choose from our carefully crafted bouquet of itineraries, which have been tried and tested by our clients. Allow us to turn your travel dreams into reality with our trademark brand of hospitality and flawless service. 


1. Let us know when and where you want to travel in this vast subcontinent.

2. How many days do you have or how many days do you need?

3. What are your interests?

4. Tell us about your dream vacation to India.

5. Ask as many questions as you like, we're glad to help.

6. A dedicated COMPASS travel consultant will get in touch with you and answer all your questions, explaining the suggestions and taking into account your requests & needs.

7. A sample plan would be worked out and from there on, hotels & highlights would be added to give it the form of a “customized” plan.

8. Once your travel dates are final and you book international flights we would confirm the tour.

9. All hotels are guaranteed by COMPASS once you confirm the tour.

10. We finalize the small things that make big difference. To talk about a few of those “small things” – any medical allergies, your reading habits, personal likes and dislikes, packing essentials, insurances, inoculations etc.

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