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Contact us

At Compass India, we are always approachable, which is why we offer you a number of ways to Contact Us

Important: For the assured delivery of our emails, we forward our replies via "Hotmail" in addition to our regular server, since it is a readily accepted mail server world-wide. However, in case you receive both our mails, please note that we were simply being thorough and kindly accept our sincere apologies.

Since it’s all about luxury at Compass India, why not begin with the planning phase? This is why you can Request a Call Back!
Simply leave us your contact number and the best time to get in touch. One of our luxury travel specialists will call you to discuss your travel requirements in detail.
Once a dialogue has been established, we prefer to plan your holiday and answer queries via email. Why? This helps us respond in the most clear and precise manner, along with ensuring that nothing is lost in communication.

You may “click here” to know more about our team of travel consultants. In case you wish to work with anyone in particular, you may request the same and your email will be forwarded to the respective travel specialist.


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